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Customer feedback

Date: 16-05-2013

Name: David / Sydney/ Australia

Product: Custom Fit HF3


The custom fits arrived earlier this week. I've used them for a couple of days now and they are awesome!


Thanks so much for all of your help and patience during my order.



Date: 27 -02-2013

Name: Mark / Brisbane/  Australia

Product: ACS T1 live



Thank you very much for your fantastic services and custom IEMs. These are by far the most comfortable fitting IEMs I've owned so far, even more so that my custom acrylic IEMs that I also own. Please give Arno my thanks for the great job on the impressions.



Date: 8 april

Name: Chris/ Sydney/ Australia

Product: Custom Fit ER4



I appreciate your letting me know, and also would like to say thank you for your assistance throughout the the whole procedure which has been excellent.


The procedure went smoothly and professionally in Sydney, and we look forward to receiving the sets.



Date: 22 March 2013

Name: Andrew / Melbourne / Australia

Product:  Custom Fits 


I received my Custom Fits in the mail, and I am highly satisfied with the result.

Thank you very much! All the best.


Date: 21 February 2013

Name: Mike  / Auckland / New Zealand

Product: ER20


got the plugs! thanks a lot for the fast delivery.


Date: 14 February 2013

Name: Chris/ New Zealand

Product: ACS T1


hey! have received them and they are awesome! thanks. sound and feel great!


Date: 21 February 2013

Name: Carl / Auckland  / New Zealand

Product: Pro’s



I want to say a huge thank you for all your help and effort trying to get the plugs working correctly for me. I appreciate it immensely and you have gone above and beyond with your customer service. 


I will be recommending Pacific Ears to anyone and everyone I know who is looking to protect their ears.


Once again thank you for your commitment and understanding nature about all my queries and questions.


Please thank anyone else who helped with my order and I wish you guys all the best for 2013.



Date: 15 January 2013

Name: Mohammed Sydney/ Australia

Product: T15



Thank you very much for your amazing customer service, looking forward for ordering the sleeves for T15 real soon. 

I have been comparing my T15 with the CK100PR) which cost 800 AUD and T15 has managed to keep up with the CK100pro (which is a quad BA IEM) on acoustics guitar without any problem. Truly an amazing accomplishment, well done. 


Date: 16 October 2012

Name: Gary

Product: ER20


Arrived. Thanks for that. Don't want to take them out and I am at work, lol.

The climate never was that quiet while still being able to hear everything.

They are super high quality indeed.

Rock on!








Date: 22 August 2012

Name: John /Sydney/ Australia

Product: Custom Fit HF3


Thank you for your speedy service and all your help with getting the custom fits to me before I left Australia.


The product is great and fits well. 



Date: 4 October 2012

Name: Derik/Kerikeri/ New Zealand

Product: ER20 



They arrived yesterday just in time for band practice , i was stationed between the drummer and one PA speaker so buffering noise was the goal. Woke up this morning without the stunned feeling of the last few weeks and my tinitus was at it's normal level rather than a new high. I guess that means they worked !  Very comfortable too.



Date: 27 September 2012 

Name: Bede, Rotorua

Product: Custom Sleeves


Morning Fleur I received my new plugs thanks they look awesome!



Date: 18 September 2012

Name: Chris/ Mordialloc/  Australia

Product: Hf3 plus Custom Fit



I received my HF3s yesterday and immediately tried them out with the custom ear pieces and I'm very, very happy with the sound quality and profile! 


I was concerned that the sound might have turned out to be too flat, given I've been using Dr Dre Beats, but no, I think it's thanks to the customer ear pieces (even though I didn't try them with the standard ear buds).. 


Once again, thanks for your assistance and such very good customer service :)) 




Date: 15 September 2012

Name: Mark/  Sydney / Australia

Product: Custom Fit HF5


Many thanks to you and the team for doing them so quickly and to you for your much appreciated communications.  I received them yesterday afternoon and they fit perfectly.



Date: 1 August 2012

Name: Phil / Bonbeach / Australia 

Product: Custom Fits


Thank you for the tips - they are excellent. I would like to order another two pair.

ER15 review

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07 February, 2010

Keeping my ears safe

I like going to see live music and well it is loud, the AC/DC gig last week apparently had the loudest PA set up NZ has ever had. Music this loud hurts your ears.  The first time I really realised about looking after my ears was after a   Muse Gig in 2004   my ears were ringing for a few days afterwards. Turning down the music at gigs I personally don't think is the thing to do as is still like the feeling of feeling the music through my body along with actually hearing it.

Over the years I tried a variety of earplugs but was never that impressed with them as they seemed to reduce of the volumes of different frequencies differently. This is kind of like some playing with the equaliser settings rather than the just volume knob. I later found out that most ear plugs do not give you flat attenuation.   Attenuation   technically is the reduction in intensity. Most ear plugs attenuate the different frequencies differently.

In 2008 or so I came across   Etymotic ER20 Earplugs. This non custom fitted earplug gives near   flat 20dB attenuation. They sound much better regular ear plugs and is just like someone has turned down the volume knob and not touched equaliser. The one thing I did find about these was they sound good but they were a little difficult to put in and got a little uncomfortable after after wearing for longer periods of time. Even given this for $31.50   they are really good if you want something that sounds better than normal ear plugs and given they last longer than foam ear plugs its price really isn't that bad and in the long run would be cheaper than getting foam earplugs for each gig you go to.

At the end of 2009 I was looking at the first few months of 2010 which was going to involve   Big Day Out,   AC/DC,   Them Crooked Vultures,   Homegrown   and   The Pixies   gigs. Knowing that I had a few gigs lined up and that the ER20s were a little uncomfortable for longer periods of wear I shelled out   $315   and got some   ER15s   from   Pacific Ears. ER15s are custom moulded to fit your ear and offer 15dB of attenuation.

Even though they are custom moulded it is a very quick process and simple process. It starts off with an   ear nurse   taking impressions of your ear canal. The first step is placing a piece of foam with a string attached next to the ear drum, this is to stop on goo going all the way into the ear. The placing of the foam was the bit of the process I found the most uncomfortable as when the foam was being pushed in it caused some discomfort but once it was in place it was fine. The next step was injecting some blue goo into your ear canal. This blue goo cured and formed an impression of my ear canal. While the goo was in ear it was a very weird sensation as I had no hearing what so ever from that ear. After 10 minutes or so the goo had cured and was removed from the ear canal and the same process was done for the other ear. It was a Friday afternoon and sent off to Pacific Ears.

By Wednesday the next week I received the packages from Pacific Ears which contained my new Ear Plugs. So it is a very fast turn around.   I opened the box and tried them on. The ER15s are far more comfortable than the ER20s are they are moulded to fit my ears. Putting them in a breeze as they want to sit in the correct spot due to all the curves and contours of the ear. I have never had a feeling that they are going to fall out or anything because of this. Seeing they are the right size there is no sensation of them stuffing your ear and actually pushing outwards against your ear canal. The ER15s moulds are clear and sit behind the   tragus   so unless someone is actually looking in your ear they are not going to notice that you are wearing earplugs and far less noticeable than the brightly coloured foam ear plugs due to the colour and that they don't protrude from the ear as much.

At Big Day Out I wore them all day and I barely noticed that I had them in and they caused me no trouble what so ever. And even straight afterwards there was no ringing in my ears :D I personally think it was a very good $315 spent and am very happy with them.

One thing to also note is wearing ear plugs actually makes it easier to talk to people around you. This mightn't seem intuitive but this is to do with the fact the ear is better at differentiating different sounds at lower dB and the fact there is less acoustic shock on the ear.

My recommendations:

If you go to gigs or loud bars/clubs and don't wear anything please wear some type of ear protection.

If you currently wear or have tried normal ear plugs and find that they they distort the sound too much have a look at the ER20s they aren't too expensive and sound far better than normal earplugs. As I said before in the long run will work out cheaper than getting foam ones every gig.

If you have tried the ER20s and would like something more comfortable try the ER15s.