Are you using the right hearing protection

Choosing the right Hearing protection

ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL: Are you using the right hearing protection?

Did you know that most Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) is being caused in the workplace. NIHL is the only type of hearing loss that is completely preventable if you take the right measures and use the right hearing protection.

In order to limit hearing damage, the employer is responsible to take all measures available to reduce noise but is also responsible for providing proper hearing protectors and to oversee the (proper) use of these. 

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Hearing protection: the most underestimated health concern

Hearing protection: the most underestimated health concern

All-round hearing protection needs to reflect the demands of each job. Custom fit ear plugs with interchangeable filters are part of the mining equation.

In hearing protection, prevention is the only option. Hearing Loss is irreversible.

A lawyer by trade, Terry van Dijk has acquired a hearing protection company that supplies solutions to the Industrial sector but also to Sydney Opera musicians, Victorian Police and people in the motorsports industry

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Hearing Protection – don’t risk over-protection

hearing protection over-protection

“I would like a hearing protector that blocks out all noise”

Why over-protection is just as bad as under-protection, or even worse!

If we got a dollar for every-time a client asks us: “Can I get the hearing protection that blocks out all sound?”, we would be very rich!

If clients call us, with a question to provide them with a HPD (Hearing Protection Device) that reduces the most sound in a workplace or similar environment, we usually advise against it. Instead we try to find out what the best or the optimal hearing protection is for the clients’ specific situation. This is more often than not, not the earbud that has the highest decibel rating.

Let us explain why...

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How to calculate your 8 hour equivalent (LAeq,8h)

Noise exposure and Hearing Protection Class

Noise exposure and Hearing Protection Class selection

Selection of hearing protection is based on the eight hour equivalent (LAeq,8h) and not on a peak level. To find the right LAeq,8h you can use the calculator below, and fill in the noise levels at your workplace and how much time you spend in those levels. Please use realistic figures.

For example: An angle grinder that produces 110 dB, is not operated for 8 hours a day, but normally only a couple of minutes of time spread over the day, which can add up to, say 1 hour actively operating it. The time in between might be spent with changing work pieces, welding, reading drawings, communication etc.

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