Why use electronic earplugs?

Electronic earplugs allow natural hearing when sound levels are safe, and provide hearing protection from blasts such as gunfire, and loud, continuous, steady-state noise such as machinery and vehicles.

Etymotic earplugs for Hunting and Shooting

Electronic earplugs for Hunting and Shooting

Etymotic Electronic GunSport earplugs are specifically designed with gun sport enthusiasts and hunters in mind. These earplugs offer effective hearing protection in the field or at the range where enhanced awareness, clear communication and blast protection is needed.

Etymotic earplugs are renowned for high-definition balanced-armature drivers and high-sensitivity microphones. The GunSport Elite and GSP-15 electronic earplugs allow for natural hearing when no background noise is present and gradually protect from loud continuous noise. 

Hearing is protected from vehicle and machinery noise, blast protection and gunfire noise. Electronic earplugs by Etymotic allow for  enhanced awareness while still providing instantaneous protection from blasts.

Etymotic GSP15 Shooting Earplugs

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