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Our PACS Pro27 and PACS Pro31 are AS/NZS 1270 tested class 5 hearing protectors. Class 5 is the highest class. To purchase a set, please visit our shop.

Once tested, hearing protectors get a rating from Class 1 to 5, where Class 5 gives the highest protection from noise exposure. (The actual measure is maximum 8-hour time-weighted average noise exposure.)

Under the Australian Standard AS/NZS 1270:2002, the class is an easy way to choose a hearing protector appropriate to a noise exposure. The standard rates hearing protection into five classes, with Class 1 being the lowest level of protection and Class 5 being the highest level. Pacific Ears Australia offers a selection of hearing protection devices with that are rated Class 5.

Our Class 5 Rated hearing protection products:

There are 5 Hearing protection classes:

  • Class 1 – less than 90 decibels (dB)
  • Class 2 – 90 to less than 100 dB.
  • Class 3 – 95 to less than 100 dB.
  • Class 4 – 100 to less than 105 dB.
  • Class 5 – 105 to less than 110 dB.

Please visit our shop for all our Universal and Custom-made hearing protectors

Our solid earplugs attenuate (reduce) the most. A pair of sleep plugs reduces about 30-33 dB. For industrial noise, the PACS Pro31 and PACS Pro27 are the highest attenuating filters: both class 5. We also sell MaxBlock custom canal earplugs, which block most noises. PE Max Block custom fit earplugs block out as much sound as possible, with little ambient awareness required.

Kindly note that it is not possible to block out all sound, not even with a custom product, as sound also travels through the bone structure of your head, for example. 

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