Etymotic 6 replacement filters ER38-50

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Etymotic ER38-50 ER-4 Replacement Filters (Pack of 6 filters).

Etymotic Replacement filters to protect earphone drivers. 6 replacement filters that fits the Etymotic Research ER4 and HF series earphones.

Pacific Ears Australia is an Australian business. We offer the best prices, service, and warranty. We are the Authorised Australian Distributor for Etymotic products.


6 Etymotic filters for ER•4, Etymotic HF Series and original Music•PRO, HD•15, GSP•1, GSP•15, EB•15 and EB15•LE

Green Filters for use with ER•4 earphones™ earphones, hf3 earphones™ headset + earphones, hf2™ headset + earphones, hf5™ headset, and original Music•PRO®, HD•15®, GSP•1®, GSP•15®, EB•15® and EB15•LE™ Electronic Earplugs.

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1 review for Etymotic 6 replacement filters ER38-50

  1. 5 out of 5

    Andrew G.

    I was impressed by the range of specialised spare parts and accessories offered by Pacific Ears. I found exactly what I wanted and was confident that I was purchasing the correct parts. Shipping was prompt, and the service was friendly and personal. Thanks, I’ll be back. Andrew G.

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Etymotic ER38-50 Green Filters
Etymotic 6 replacement filters ER38-50