Etymotic ER2 XR with Etymotion Wireless Bluetooth Cable

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The Etymotion Wireless BT ER2XR are Etymotic earphones that are fitted to a special Bluetooth cable containing an upgraded amplifier to provide exceptionally high-quality sound that’s simply not possible with most off-the-shelf Bluetooth chipsets. Perfect earphones with Bluetooth for the mobile audiophiles!

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Etymotic ER2XR High-performance Earphones

etymotic-e2-xr-with-etymotion-wireless-bluetooth-cableThe new Etymotic ER2XR with Etymotion Bluetooth delivers clear, accurate sound using high-performance dynamic drivers. The ER2XR with Etymotion Bluetooth offers Etymotic’s renowned isolation featuring a variety of ear tips to provide 35dB+ of noise reduction, so you will hear all the detail buried in the mix without raising the volume to compensate for ambient noise. It’s perfect for the mobile audiophile. The high performance dynamic drivers in the ER2XR can satisfy the in-ear monitoring needs of musicians, while appealing to more casual listeners who like a bit more presence of bass. Paired with the new Etymotion Wireless Bluetooth cable, these earphones are unstoppable and sound better than anything else on the market today. With built-in functionality to answer calls, play/pause, and change tracks, it’s the ultimate in audiophile portability.
The ER2XR offers Etymotic’s renowned passive isolation, providing 35-42 dB attenuation. You will hear all the details in the music with lower volume levels!

Best In class Noise-isolating earphones

No compromise, high-performance noise-isolating earphones that deliver best-in-class benefits and superior value, perfectly matched to the latest product innovations with a Bluetooth cable.

The ER2XR has great Noise Isolation

  • 35 dB – 42 dB noise isolation
  • Documented highest noise isolation of any earphones or headphones on the market today

The ER2XR provide an impactful bass response, while preserving a superbly clear midrange alongside the high-frequency performance that Etymotic is renowned for.

Features of the ER2XR with Bluetooth cable

  • etymotic-e2-xr-cablesPrecision machined metal bodies with anodized finish
  • Assortment of noise-isolation ear tips ensures proper seal and comfort, including the new 2 flanged tips
  • True high-accuracy sound with enhanced and extended bass. Great sound experience!
  • 35+ dB of external noise isolation
  • Built in functionality to answer calls, play/pause, and change tracks
  • Assortment of ear tips for the perfect in-ear fit
  • Included Components: Earphones, Bluetooth Cable, Eartips
  • CUSTOM•FIT option also available (contact us)

Etymotic bluetooth cable

Etymotic-bluetooth-ER2XR-cableThe Etymotion BT from Etymotic is an evolution in the Etymotic brand, but also in the Evolution of the Bluetooth cable. Utilizing the latest Qualcomm chip the Etymotion BT supports AptX, AptXHD, and AptX LL giving it 24 bit/48khz lossless capabilities. The Etymotion BT is the first of its kind to have a dedicated DAC and headphone Amplifier installed. The AKM AK4331 with Velvet Sound Technology is far superior to the built-in solutions and will give the Etymotion BT the edge over the competition in sound quality and volume. This cable is designed for use with the latest Etymotic ER Series earphones and will also work on most other earphones that have MMCX connectors.

Durability and Warranty

  • 2-year replacement warranty
  • User-replaceable filters that protect the balanced armature drivers from ear wax

In the Box

  • Earphones
  • Assortment of ear tips
  • Filter removal tool and replacement filters
  • Pouch

Custom fit option

For even better noise isolation add the Custom tips to your ER2XR  click  here

Technical Specifications of the ER2XR’s

Frequency Response20 Hz – 16 kHz
TransducersHigh performance, moving coil driver
Noise Isolation35-42 dB
Impedance (@1kHz)15 Ohms
Sensitivity (@1 kHz) SPL at 0.1v96 dB
Maximum Output (SPL)120 dB
Warranty2 Years
Custom-Fit OptionYes

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1 review for Etymotic ER2 XR with Etymotion Wireless Bluetooth Cable

  1. 5 out of 5

    Gary S.

    You can’t find any better IEM’s than these, up to $500. I prefer ER2XR to any other ER’s. Excellent resolution, nice midrange, a bit of roll off treble and great bass response. This is a no-brainer IEM and believe me I have many iems way more expensive than these. Etymotic makes great products! Gary S.

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Etymotion er2xr2 Earphones
Etymotic ER2 XR with Etymotion Wireless Bluetooth Cable