SwimFit – Custom moulded earpiece for swimmers and water activities

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SwimFit earplugs for keeping water out of the ear canal.

  • Swimfit plugs are ideal for anyone with grommets, ear drum perforations, “swimmer’s ear” or other infections and problems of the ear canal/middle ear.
  • Individuals who have a hole in their ear drum (such as a perforation or a grommet) run the risk of letting germs and bacteria into their middle ear when exposed to large amounts of water
  • Block water from entering the ear canal and middle ear system
  • Prevent water-related ear infections, ear pain, “swimmer’s ear” and many more problems
  • Are custom molded to the shape of your ears, for a comfortable fit and tight seal.
  • Are light and can float so you won’t lose them
  • Are available in different colors – make a statement, be discreet or find them easily

Now also in multiple colours: Blue only, Red only or left ear Blue, right ear Red.


Swim Fit Custom Moulded Ear Plugs

ACS Custom Swimming Plugs
Custom made Swimming Plugs

SwimFit Swimplugs are a custom moulded earpiece for swimmers and surfers or people with medical conditions, to keep the water out of their ears. The earplugs are made of soft high quality and antibacterial medical grade silicone material, which is light and will float on water.

SwimFit’s are the best earplugs for swimming that really protect your ears during all types of water activities.


Helps seal out water which is ideal for swimming or water sports to help prevent Swimmer’s Ear

SwimFit Plugs for a variety of water activities

SwimFit earplugs - swimming plugs
SwimFit earplugs for water activities

Swimfit plugs are custom moulded to fit your ear canal and ensure a perfect, water-tight fit.

Applications of use

  • Swimmers (swimmer’s ear, more common in children and young adults)
  • Surfers
  • Children or adults who have grommets (Custom earplugs work well for people with grommets or perforations/hole in the eardrum)
  • Swimming plugs also work for adults who have surfers ear (exostoses)

These earplugs successfully prevent water from seeping through, perfect for all kinds of water-based activities

The advantages of using SwimFit ear plugs

  • Soft and very light
  • Perfect, custom fit for your ears
  • Does not protrude the ear
  • No pressure on the hearing canal
  • Safe and comfortable
  • Easy to fit
  • Fast and easy to clean
  • Float on water
  • Available in Blue and Red.


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1 review for SwimFit – Custom moulded earpiece for swimmers and water activities

  1. 5 out of 5

    Tess (verified owner)

    SwimFit ear plugs were a godsend for daughter, who is a competitive swimmer, after she suffered a perforated eardrum. The help we received from Fleur was “next level” and greatly appreciated. It has been an absolutely fabulous experience dealing with Pacific Ears.

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Swimming earplugs
SwimFit – Custom moulded earpiece for swimmers and water activities
From: $194.00