SwimFit swim plugs – keep your ears safe and dry this summer

Summer is here and that means lots of water fun! Whether at the beach, or at the pool, protecting our ears while in the water is just as important as protecting our skin from the summer sun!

Custom-made swim plugs can prevent water-induced ear infections known as Swimmer’s Ear (Otitis Externa).

You might be asking yourself, ‘Do swim ear plugs really work?‘ Yes, they do a fantastic job of keeping your ear canals free from water clogging.

Our SwimFit earplugs are the perfect solution for any swimming, surfing, diving and water-based activities. They can also be very useful for preventing splashing water entering the ears when showering.

SwimFit Aware Swimming plugs
SwimFit Aware
Custom filtered Swimming plugs

From: $229.00

SwimFit Aware ear plugs
SwimFit Regular
Custom moulded earpiece for swimmers

From: $189.00

Ear protection solutions: Swimfit and Swimfit Aware Ear Plugs

Both these custom fitted SwimFit earplugs create a watertight seal in the ear canal to ensure no water or bacteria can enter, and your ears stay dry. The Aware version of the swim plugs also allows you to hear, but still protects the ears from water.

Frequently asked questions about Swimming plugs

Our SwimFit swimming plugs can be used for all water-based sports and activities like water polo, synchronised swimming, underwater hockey etc. Swim plugs can be very useful during swimming, surfing, snorkelling and even showering.

Swimming earplugs will block sounds, but you can still hear, although it might be a bit muffled. The SwimFit Aware will let sound in and keep the water out. You will be able to hear clearly with the Aware version of our swimplugs. If you are after earplugs for blocking out background sound or extreme noise, Pacific Ears have an extensive range of earplugs that are designed for that purpose. Please see our shop for our custom- and ready-fit earplug products.

Wearing swimming earplugs is the most effective way to protect your ears from water damage, such as Swimmer’s Ear. SwimFit plugs are safe to wear during a wide range of water activities; however, it is important to get them fitted properly. Impression taking is included in the price, and we have a wide network of professionals that can take your impressions.

You can clean your SwimFit’s with a soap and water mixture.
We have videos on how to insert and clean your earplugs. Click here for the Pacific Ears YouTube channel.
Gently use the mixture to wash the earplugs and remove any residue. After cleaning, wipe them off with a clean cloth or set them aside to dry. Maintaining your earplugs will ensure you can use them year after year.

The insertion of the ear plug should not hurt, if there is discomfort or pain, stop attempts at inserting. Have a look on our YouTube channel for instructional videos.

Water in your ears can not only be annoying, but can cause serious harm, like Swimmer’s Ear or other infections. To reduce the risk of ear damage, it’s advisable to keep the ear canals free from water and as dry as possible. Wearing custom fit molded plugs can make a huge difference!

Wearing earplugs when swimming is beneficial for those that have pre-existing ear conditions and for those who actively want to prevent harmful infections, or ear damage. Wearing earplugs while swimming might not be as common as goggles, but they can be a lifesaver for guarding against infections like Swimmer’s Ears and other hearing related issues. Frequent swimmers and those with ear-problems would benefit most from wearing swimming ear plugs.
As a surfer, you wear a wetsuit to protect you from the cold water. Swimplugs can also help you to prevent cold water entering your ear canals time and time again and causing damage (Exostosis).

The most common cause of ear pain after swimming is Swimmer’s Ear and is a condition that is common during the Summer months, when people spend time swimming. This ear infection is common, especially with kids who spend a lot of time in the water. Moisture in the ear canal can irritate the skin in the ear canal and open the way for bacteria and fungi to thrive.

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