Which Pro filter should I use?

The following list of filters is a good guideline but If you are unsure, please feel free to contact us for advice: [email protected]

  • PACS Pro10 – For Acoustic musicians and small ensembles. For light protection in everyday environments.
  • PACS Pro15 – Orchestral musicians, dentists
  • PACS Pro17 –  Most versatile, DJs, Vocalists, sound engineers, gig-goers
  • PACS Pro20 – Extra High High-frequency section, ideal for certain drummers and for motorsport.
  • PACS Pro26 – For venue staff and people exposed to high levels of noise for long periods of time. Good for industrial use.
  • PACS Pro27 – Best suited for industrial use, motorcyclists, and motorsport. The thinner sound tube on the mould to help reduce wind noise under a helmet.
  • PACS Pro31 – For Industrial noise reduction when speech is also important.

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