What is the hand-grip/ cord/ standard option for the Pro earplugs?

There are different options for our Pro hearing protectors. Standard / Hand grip / Cord / Hand-grip with a cord thread through the hand grip. Each option (except for the standard) is an additional $10 (hand-grip with cord: $20 surcharge).

1.If you choose the Standard option, the earplugs are most discrete. They have a very flat profile. The earplugs can be removed by pushing on the skull side of the ear in an upwards movement. The seal will break and the earplugs can be taken out easily.

Pro custom plugs with the standard options

2. The Pro with hand grip, has a silicone hand-grip on the top of the earplug. This helps with insertion and removal. Depending on your ear shape the hand-grip might stick out a bit. (size 8 mm)

Pro custom made earplugs with hand grip

3. The Pro with cord and shirt clip. The black lanyard is plugged directly in the earplug. For safety purposes and convenience the cord is removable and should not be used to pull the earplugs out of the ears. If you after a removal option only please choose the hand-grip.

Pro with cord and shirt clip

4. The Pro with hand grip and cord with shirt clip. This option has the silicone hand-grip with a hole where the cord runs through. The cord is removable.

Pro custom earplugs with handgrip and cord with shirt clip

Please note: All these options need to be chosen at the time of ordering as none can be added afterwards. You can order the options in the shop when you order your Pro earplugs.

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