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Welcome to our Swim Earplugs category page. Whether you’re an avid surfer, swimmer, or simply enjoy showering, our custom-made Swim Earplugs ensure that water never enters your ear canals, keeping conditions like exostosis and swimmer’s ear at bay.

No more sitting out of water activities due to the fear of water entering your ears. With our Swim plugs, you can enjoy swimming, surfing or any water activity without any discomfort. Even for those with grommets, our custom swim plugs provide a seamless experience, making it easier to indulge in the joys of the water.

Our PE SwimFit plugs are specially designed aquatic earplugs for people that need situational awareness, whether you’re a swimmer, surfer, or someone with medical conditions. With our PE SwimFit Aware plugs, you can enjoy your water activities while staying aware of your surroundings, as the special filter is designed to keep the water out while letting sound in.

Our SwimFit earplugs come with many advantages. They protect your ears when swimming, keep water out while allowing sound to come in, protect your children’s ears in the pool, and combat surfer’s ear. Made of soft high-quality, medical-grade silicone material, our Swim Earplugs are light enough to float on water and provide a perfect fit with no pressure on the hearing canal. They’re easy to fit, fast and easy to clean, and come in blue, red, or a combination.

So, take a dive with confidence and make the most of your water adventures with PE Swim Earplugs – the perfect partner for swimmers, surfers, and anyone seeking medical relief.

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  • PACS Swimfit Aware custom swimplugs - earplugs for swimming an surfingPACS Swimfit Aware custom swimplugs - earplugs for swimming an surfing

    PE SwimFit Aware: Custom Filtered Swimming Plugs for Swimmers and Surfers

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  • Swimfit custom earplugs Red and Blue - FrontSwimfit custom earplugs Red and Blue

    PE SwimFit – Custom moulded earpiece for swimmers and water activities

    5.00 out of 5
    From: $194.00
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