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Custom Earplugs, In-Ear Monitors and Earphones

Pacific Ears Australia offers the best ear plugs with a full range of high-quality custom made hearing protection, custom moulded In-Ear monitors, musician earplugs, communication and related products. We are the only manufacturer of custom Class 5 (AS/NZS 1270) earplugs and Etymotic custom products (ER Musicians Earplugs and Custom Fits) and the sole license holder for the ACS Custom range in both Australia and New Zealand. No other manufacturer in Australia or New Zealand is allowed to do so.

Hearing Protection Products

Looking for a specific hearing protection product?

Please see our most popular products listed below or choose the industry that you work in.

acs Pro-27-Earplugs

Custom Pro Series

Custom earplugs for the music/industry

acs pro series earplugs

In-Ear Monitors

For on stage performers and musicians

acs sleepsound ear plugs

SleepSound Earplugs

Custom made earplugs for sleeping


For professional grade sound

hearing protection for the heavy industry

Heavy Industry

Class 5 Custom made protectors

hearing protection for the motorsport industry


Custom earplugs to reduce wind noise

hearing protection for shooting sports


Earplugs for impact protection

earplugs for music industry

Music Industry

Orchestra/ Concert/Sound engineers

Payment methods Pacific Ears

Pacific Ears: Master Distributor of Etymotic Products

How to Buy – We have fitting points all over Australia!

Buying our custom-made products is effortless. These are the 4 steps.

1. Order …

Place your order online in our webshop

2. Appointment…

We will contact you to arrange an appointment with a fitting point close by to have your impressions made.

3. Impressions…

The clinician will take your impressions and send them to our lab in QLD. This is included in the price on our website

4. Delivery…

We will make your product and send it to you. Our turn around time is around 2-3 weeks

Check out what clients say

australian opera orchestra
The Opera Australia Orchestra

The Opera Australia Orchestra has an extremely comprehensive Hearing Protection Policy and the Pro Plugs have a big part to play in keeping players’ hearing safe. They do the job brilliantly, allowing players to protect their hearing without feeling isolated.

shapeshifter and pacific ears
Darren Mathiassen (Shapeshifter)

“The ACS Custom IEM’s are a game changer.The silicon moulds offer countless continuous hours of comfort. The triple armature drivers offer a full-range, detailed, phase coherent response and durability to go the distance. I can attest to some of the harshest touring stage environments”

cake commercial services earpieces
Cake Commercial

Hearing is a point of focus for us at Cake Commercial Services. Over the years we have developed a new style of abrasive blasting for our towers team. This introduces new hazards in the form of longer exposure to louder gear in difficult environments. We have worked with Pacific Ears to have customised ear pieces made for all of our towers field crew.

Check out what clients say

Pro27 – By Mike C.

I have just received my new PRO27 earplugs. They are very comfortable so far and I’m looking forward to using them at work soon. A big Thank You to Fleur for all of her assistance. Nothing was any bother which made my tight schedule a breeze! I would gladly recommend Pacific Ears to anyone needing custom earplugs. Thanks.

Pro17 – By Julian

I’m a full time music student and drummer. These things (Pro17 earplugs) are awesome. The protection offered is so much stronger than the generic filtered buds I was using, while the sound quality doesn’t suffer at all. Simply can’t beat buying these if you’re serious about protecting your ears and playing loud music often.

ER4XR – By William

I’ve been loving my ER4XRs with custom ear-molds for a year now. They are very comfortable and the closest I’ve ever experienced to plugging music straight into my brain. The quality of sound is pristine and is almost never compromised by external sounds. Long haul plane flights are a pleasure with quiet music playing in the background and no audible noise from the aircraft. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Check out what clients say

SleepSound – By Natalie Rose

My partner snores rather heavily, there’s continuous building around me, neighbours get a bit loud sometimes and these little things dim it to a rather pleasant far away sound. The customer support was outstanding, communication was fantastic the whole way through. Would recommend these for sanity reasons, if nothing else haha

Pro27 – By Mike Cameron

I have just received my new PRO27 earplugs. They are very comfortable so far and I’m looking forward to using them at work soon. A big Thank You to Fleur for all of her assistance. Nothing was any bother which made my tight schedule a breeze! I would gladly recommend Pacific Ears to anyone needing custom earplugs.

Pro15 – By Michael Patton

As a music teacher and violinist in orchestras I’ve been searching for a comfortable set of earplugs that don’t make me sound like I’m under water! These fit the bill and the service was great even in a really difficult time!


Our Customers and Service

Our earplugs cover a wide range of users from musicians and concert goers / lubbers to industrial, military and motorsport sectors. But we also manufacture sleep plugs, swim plugs and plugs for shooters, all custom made for the individual ears. Check out Who Uses ACS Custom. Our client range speaks for itself. It shows why we are the best manufacturers of the best ear plugs in Australia and New Zealand for that matter. We also offer the highest level of service. This combination of best quality earplugs and service ensures that you will enjoy your product for years!Our hearing protection products are available throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific.

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