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Custom Earplugs, In-Ear Monitors and Earphones

Pacific Ears Australia offers the best ear plugs in Australia with a full range of high quality custom made hearing protection, custom moulded in ear monitors, musician earplugs, communication and related products. All custom products are made in Australia.

Pacific Ears, ACS Custom and Etymotic

Did you know we are the sole license holders for the ACS Custom Range in Australia and New Zealand? Or that we are the only manufacturers of custom hearing protection products from Etymotic, including the ER Musician EarPlugs, in Australia and New Zealand? No other manufacturer in Australia or New Zealand is allowed to do so.

Our own brand of customised hearing protection (Pacific Ears), our ACS Custom Australia and Etymotic Research earplugs offer the very best. They are top end when it comes to sound quality, comfort, durability and meeting the highest safety standards in Australia (including AS/NZS1270 class 5) but also worldwide.

Our Customers and Service

Our earplugs cover a wide range of users from musicians and concert goers / clubbers to industrial, military and motorsport sectors. But we also manufacture sleep plugs, swim plugs and plugs for shooters, all custom made for the individual ears. Check out Who Uses ACS Custom.  Our client range speaks for itself. It shows why we are the best manufacturers of the best ear plugs in Australia and New Zealand for that matter. 

We also offer the highest level of service. This combination of best quality earplugs and service ensures that you will enjoy your product for years!

Our hearing protection products are available throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific.

Payment Methods

Pacific Ears payment options include PayPal, Creditcard, ZIP and Apple Pay

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