In Ear Monitors

Welcome to our custom in-ear monitor range! Our custom-fitted in-ear monitors are the ultimate solution for controlling the levels of sound and protecting your hearing. We offer two categories of in-ear monitors to choose from: the Classic and the Ambient series.

Our Classic series provides a range of in-ear monitor solutions to suit any music performance environment and monitor mix setup. With options for single, dual, triple, and five-driver in-ear monitors, our Classic series delivers high-quality sound and reliable performance to meet the needs of any musician.

Our Ambient series combines high-fidelity listening with soft silicone comfort and awareness of your immediate surroundings. Our Ambient series IEMs are the only precision-tuned vented IEMs on the market that feature a dedicated patented ambient filter, allowing you to hear external sound while still enjoying high-quality audio.

Our custom-made in-ear monitors are designed to fit the unique shape of your ear canal, providing the most comfortable and secure fit possible. They are made from high-quality materials and utilize advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure durability and effectiveness.

Whether you’re a musician or just someone who loves high-quality audio, our custom in-ear monitors are the perfect solution for protecting your hearing and enjoying your music in the best way possible. Choose from our Classic and Ambient series and experience the ultimate in sound and comfort.

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