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Hear Your Sound, Protect Your Ears

ASI Audio combines advanced in-ear monitoring technology with situational awareness for live performers. Their 3DME IEM system uses earpieces with built-in microphones to mix your monitor feed with ambient stage sound. Get the clarity of personal monitors with the connection of shared sound.

The 3DME system offers active ambience monitoring through the custom in-ear design. This allows performers to hear themselves while still being aware of their environment. The earpieces also provide hearing protection by filtering out harmful loud noises. A belt pack transmitter connects to the in-ears wirelessly. The 3DME system works for musicians, DJs, and more.

Experience immersive audio and protect your hearing with ASI Audio. Their premium 3DME systems let you feel on stage, not isolated. Hear every note how you need it, while staying aware of your surroundings. ASI Audio combines the best of both worlds for live performers – personalized sound with environmental connection.

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  • 3DME In-Ear Monitor System

    ASI Audio 3DME In-Ear Monitor

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