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Custom made hearing protection which one to choose?

I like to protect my ears while/as a



Sleep plugs

Sleeping SleepSound
Snoring partner SleepSound
Road noise at night SleepSound


Swim plugs

Swimming Swimfit
Surfing Swimfit
Showering Swimfit


Pro Series

Helicopter pilot Pro26
Pilot commercial airplane Pro17
Skydiving (instructor) Pro27

Music Industry

DJ Pro17
Sound engineer Pro17

Musical performances

Clubbing Pro17
Concert goers Pro17
Events Pro17
Orchestra Player – Brass Instrument Pro10
Orchestra Player – Strings Pro15
Orchestra Player – Percussion Pro17


Singing – Acoustical environment Pro10
Singing – Rockband Pro17
Artist Rockband Pro17
Drummer – loud band Pro26
Stage performer Pro17


Dentist Pro15
Dental assistant Pro15

Industrial Noise

Industrial low noise – Communication most important Pro17
Industrial Noise – Class 5 needed Pro27
Industrial noise – Class 5 low-frequency protection Pro31
Truck driver – Communication important Pro17
Train driver – Communication important Pro17

Shooting and hunting

Earplugs for gun sport


Shooter Pro Impulse
Hunter Pro Impulse
Gunfire Pro Impulse
Claybird shooting Pro Impulse


Motorbike Riding – wind noise Pro27
Motorsport – high pitched noises Pro20


Office environment – distracting noise Pro17
Listing to music using my Etymotic earphones Custom Fit
Early childhood teacher Pro17



These recommendations are merely suggestions based on years of experience and product knowledge. However, every situation is unique and every person is different so if you have any questions about the right product, please let us know so we can advise you.