Acoustic Leakage Testing

acoustic leaking testing

Ensuring your hearing protection is attenuating and performing correctly is vital. A custom mould which is leaking can reduce performance by 10dB, making the wearer at risk of hearing damage.

We can perform an on-site fit and seal test using an Acoustic Leakage Tester in a few minutes. It’s a simple testing process using a fully portable and simple to use system.

ALT provides single button automated calibration and leakage measurement, ensuring accurate results every time. Comfort and correct fitting are paramount for the client; being an acoustic system ALT eradicates pain and misfitting due to over and under pressurisation. Continuous leakage measurement verifies the correct fit in differing jaw positions.

With changes to PPE regulations in industry, the acoustic leakage test has become a central tool for us and Health and Safety departments, ensuring we provide guaranteed hearing protection in a range of noisy environments.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to book an Acoustic Leakage test.

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