Custom Sleeves

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Upgrade your existing In-Ear-Phones with custom fitted tips. These custom sleeves are a ready-fit solution for your earphones. They provide optimum isolation and a broader soundstage. These earphone sleeves are also ideal for industrial hearing protection. Using custom-fit tips gives you a perfect seal and best isolation from outside noise. They are cost-effective custom-fit solution with a full dynamic range.



A cost-effective custom-fit solution with a full dynamic range

Custom earphone sleevesMany people already use in-ear headphones from a variety of manufacturers and have found their sound of choice for personal listening or even live monitoring. We offer a cost-effective custom-fit solution that can make your favourite earphones the best they can be with optimum isolation, superb comfort and a broader soundstage. If your earphones use balanced armature drivers you’ll know how important it is to get a perfect seal to make sure that you get the full dynamic range from your music.

Comfortable tailor made fit tips with the best Isolation

Although you’re already using the tips for your earphones that you find the most comfortable and that most likely give you the best isolation for your ear, the custom-fit experience is completely different. The custom-fit tip for your earphone is completely made to measure for your ear, so you get complete comfort without any feeling of pressure or tricky fitting techniques. Also when they warm to body temperature you can easily forget that you’re wearing them. As each tip is made to perfectly fit your ear canal, you’ll also find them to be more secure as they’re not using pressure to stay inside of your ear but are still perfectly snug.

Using custom-fit tips gives you a perfect seal and best isolation from outside noise

Standard tips can provide varying isolation depending on the design of the tip, whether you choose to use foam or rubber tips and the shape of your ear. Using custom-fit tips gives you a perfect seal every time meaning you get up to 26dB isolation from outside noise. This means that you will get better clarity from your earphones because there is less external disturbance, meaning that you can listen at lower levels avoiding distortion and allowing your earphones to deliver the sound they were intended to unhindered.

Available for several Generic Fit In Ear Monitors and Earphones

Please e-mail us to find out if we make sleeves for your monitor/ earphones. When you order please let us know in the comment field for which product you would like your Custom Sleeves.

Items included with your custom-sleeve purchase

  • Carry Pouch
  • Wax Pick
  • Comfort Cream
  • Care and Instruction Booklet

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custom sleeves for earplugs
Custom Sleeves
From: $229.00