Pacific Ears Diophon – Dual Driver

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The Pacific Ears Diophon Dual Driver In-Ear Monitor is an affordable professional all-around monitor that delivers deep and engaging lows, well-defined mids, and detailed highs without harmonic distortion. It features our exclusive Sound Stage Imaging (SSI) technology for a reliable flat frequency response that suits guitarists, bassists, drummers, pianists and electronic dance musicians alike. Featuring the latest patent-pending IRIS and SSI technology and a detachable cable system, the Dual Driver Monitor offers a true reference-quality, high-fidelity in-ear monitor. It comes with a high-quality cable and accessories such as a carrying case, wax pick, comfort cream, care and instruction booklet, and a 3.5mm to 1/4″ step-up adapter. Choose from the exciting new colors of Clear Blue, Slate and Sterling.


In-Ear monitors with well-defined midrange and detailed highs

The Pacific Ears Diophon – Dual Driver Monitor delivers deep and engaging low end, well-defined midrange and detailed highs with no harmonic distortion. Also, featuring our exclusive Sound Stage Imaging (SSI) technology, the Pacific Ears Diophon – Dual Driver Monitor has a reliable flat frequency response that will suit guitarists, bassists, drummers, pianist and electronic dance musicians alike.

If you are looking a great value professional all-rounder, the Diophon Dual Driver Monitor is the one for you. Now also in the exciting new colours: transparent Blue, Slate and Sterling.

Introducing IRIS and SSI Technology: Elevating Your Listening Experience
We have introduced our patent-pending IRIS and exclusive SSI technology across our entire IEM line-up.

IRIS – Intelligent Resonance in Silicone is a patent-pending technology we have created to maximise the potential of miniature balanced armature speakers. IRIS construction methods allow for very precise acoustic tuning to deliver our unique sound signature. IRIS brings an added dimension to music in a way that mimics the warm, lush and open sound that valve amplifiers provide.

SSI – Sound Stage Imaging is a tuning technique achieved by using our own purpose-designed manifold technology. Implemented into our custom and universal in-earphones, SSI positions the audio into a wider array than other earphones, bringing a superbly defined and very detailed response to further enhance your listening experience, positioning all the instruments as if you were sitting in front of the stage listening to the live performance.

Experience High-Quality Sound with our Premium Cables in the Diophon Monitors

Our in-ear monitors come with a cable that is manufactured to our own specifications and is of the highest quality. The cable is composed of 80 strands of 100% oxygen-free copper, with each strand plated with pure silver and aramid fibers (Kevlar) woven into the twists to provide exceptional tensile strength and breaking strain. The cable jacket is treated to repel harmful UV rays and will not discolor or oxidize, unlike other inferior cables. The cable’s design provides the best connection between your audio source and the earphones, and when mounted in the lab, it has optimal contact with the cable jack. We strongly recommend that you don’t disconnect the cable unless it needs to be replaced to avoid damaging the connector or the cable.

The Diophon Dual Driver Monitor, with its detachable cable system, is a true reference-quality, high-fidelity IEM. Its balanced, detailed and accurate sound makes it a great choice for those looking for a top-of-the-line IEM without breaking the bank.

Accessories included with Diophon Dual Driver Monitors

  • Carry Pouch
  • Wax Pick
  • Comfort Cream
  • Care and Instruction Booklet
  • 3.5mm to 1/4″ Step-Up Adapter
Please note the SaniDry dryer is not included when you purchase your monitor. We recommend you order it separately, click here.


No. of Drivers 2 Knowles Balanced Armature Drivers (Single Bass, Single Mid-High)
Build Material 40 Shore, custom fit, medical-grade silicone moulds finished with a hard-wearing flexible lacquer
Mould Type/s Full-Concha
Cable Exit Options Top (over-ear)
Cable Type Detachable cable with a 2 pin connection and a memory ear hook
Standard Cable Length 1.3m
Standard Connector Straight 3.5 mm Gold-plated
Frequency Range 20hz-20Khz
Sensitivity @ 1Khz 118.5dB @ 1Khz
Impedance @ 1Khz 120 ohms  @ 1Khz
Items Included Carry pouch, wax pick, care and usage instructions, comfort cream, step-up jack connector adaptor


Care and Maintenance Tips for Your In-Ear Monitors

We take great pride in making our in-ear monitors, and like any valuable possession, they deserve proper care. By following these simple guidelines, you can enjoy years of reliable use.
After each use, inspect the sound channels and use the included wire pick to remove any wax that may have accumulated inside the tubes. Avoid using the cables to remove the IEMs as this can strain the connector and damage the cable.
It’s important to remove any moisture from sweat or humidity immediately after use.

Additional information


Fixed cable black (+$0), Fixed cable beige (+$0), 2-pin detachable cable (+$100)


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Pacific Ears Diophon – Dual Driver
From: $699.00