Pro Impulse Ready-Fit – Ideal for military use, gunfire, artillery noise and impulse sounds from work tools

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The Impulse filter gives a constant noise reduction of approximately 15dB, increasing to a maximum of 33dB when activated by sudden high noise.


For higher levels of noise protection the PRO Impulse can be worn in conjunction with over-ear headsets.

The new universal fit version with soft in-ear tips is now available for ‘off the shelf’ convenience. Now in a new environmentally friendlier packaging with a handy key ring.

The small size of Impulse filters makes them unobtrusive and comfortable to wear, fitting easily under communications headsets or earmuffs where double protection is required.

Developed for military use the Impulse filter protects hearing from gunfire, artillery noise and impulse sounds from nail guns, drop hammers and riveting.

Designed to allow air to enter the ear, this unique filter technology retains spatiality and sound directionality as required in hunting and combat situations. Unlike competing products this ventilation minimises the occlusion effect and reduces irritation within the ear canal, maximising user comfort so limiting the causes of inflammation and infection.

The Impulse filter has undergone full environmental testing for humidity, hot and cold temperatures, 12-hour comfort and sand storms. Fully washable with water and normal detergents, Impulse is suitable for all outdoor and indoor situations.

The Impulse filter with custom mould has a constant noise SNR value of 15dB (estimated), suitable for continuous safe use to 100dB.

ANSI IPIL certified impulse protection is 33.1 dB maximum.

Please ensure that a noise assessment is carried out on site before purchasing your hearing protection as it is imperative the correct protection level is used.

The Pro impulse universal fit filters can be used in our custom mould Pro series, if you are thinking of upgrading to a custom version please let us know and we can advise.

We have re-designed the packaging and re-thought the contents of our PRO Impulse earplugs. To reduce waste we have removed some of the spare items which were not always used, and we have also swapped the imported plastic box for a locally sourced and recyclable cardboard box to reduce single use plastic.

Items included:

  • 1 Pair of Medium/Large Pacato Filtered Earplugs
  • ACS Metal Storage Tube with Key ring
  • Instruction Leaflet

Neck cord is optional. If you like to order one please email: [email protected]

1 review for Pro Impulse Ready-Fit – Ideal for military use, gunfire, artillery noise and impulse sounds from work tools

  1. 5 out of 5

    Hussein H.

    The product is of high quality, is comfortable and works as advertised. I like in particular that these can be washed once the filter is removed. Take note to keep the tag up when inserting to make it easier to remove (hard to grab hold of the tag if it’s flush with your ear lobe). Pacific ears’ service and communication was great. Item arrived fast for being shipped interstate, especially under the current circumstances. Thanks for the great service. Hussein H.

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Pro Impulse Ready-Fit Earplugs
Pro Impulse Ready-Fit – Ideal for military use, gunfire, artillery noise and impulse sounds from work tools