Block Out the Bang: The Importance of Ear Protection for Shooting and Hunting

Hearing protection for shooting and hunting sports

Situational awareness is important for your safety when you are at the shooting range or out in the field or forest. However, frequent – or even one-off exposures to loud noises may result in permanent hearing damage.

In an ideal world, your hearing protection should be smart enough to flex between natural hearing when there is no background noise, flex when nearby gunfire is present – and allow you to flip a switch to access amplification kilometres wide when needed.

There are a few different options when it comes to accessing the hearing protection you need for shooting and hunting. Some people opt for earplugs or semi-insert earplugs, while others prefer to use over-the-ear earmuffs.

The best protection from the elements out in the woods is layered protection – which applies when you are looking to source the best ear protection. So the best protection for your hearing starts with a top-quality foundation – good shooting earplugs – and layers up.

Why do I need ear protection for shooting?

Correct hearing protectors are paramount whether you use rifles or pistols, and over-the-counter pharmacy solutions won’t cut it. If you want to be certain that you get home with your score and still hear the crew congratulate you, you must invest in specialised earplugs for shooting and hunting.

So what should you look for when you are shopping for hearing protection? There is good availability for shooting earplugs Australia- wide, but what specific factors are the most important to seek out when you are looking at shooting earplugs for sale?

We have compiled a list below, so read on and discover why you need ear protection and what constitutes the best ear protection when it comes to shooting earplugs.

Hearing Protection Class

Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) is one of the most significant factors to consider when browsing shooting earplugs for sale. Each noise class will require a different level of protection, and firearms are the most dangerous in terms of decibels – ahead of a jackhammer, a rock concert – even a crying baby!

This rating tells you how much sound the device will block out when used correctly. When a gunshot is fired, it produces around 140 decibels of sound, which can put you at immediate risk of permanent hearing damage.

It’s important for your earplugs to have an impact filter, and choosing ear protection that covers you against mid-range noise and against sudden loud noises – like a gunshot – will ensure you have the best ear protection at the range and in the woods.


If you choose shooting earplugs that are comfortable to wear, there is a much higher chance of you wearing them! Taking your earplugs on and off exposes you to a greater risk of hearing damage, so lean into comfort when selecting the right shooting earplugs.

Look for a soft silicone in-ear moulded earplug which can be custom fitted to your ear or a filtered foam earplug. It makes sense to choose a lightweight, discreet style that can be bolstered by adding an earmuff, and you can purchase shooting earplugs Australia-wide that will accommodate a communications headset so you can keep comms up if you are hunting with a group.

The more comfortable your shooting earplugs are, the longer the fun will last – so lean into comfort.

Easy Cleaning

Things can get pretty exciting when you are out in the middle of nowhere following a trail, so be sure to choose an earplug that is constructed with easy-clean materials – silicone is ideal. 

Reputable suppliers of shooting earplugs Australia-wide will likely include comprehensive care instructions when you invest in a decent set of shooting earplugs. Be certain to follow the instructions to the letter to ensure your earplugs serve you for a good amount of time and retain their efficacy.

What Is The Best Ear Protection For Shooting?

The best ear protection for shooting is the shooting earplugs that you will want to use with one hundred percent consistency. 

Situational awareness is extremely important in order to keep you and your mates safe, and you should choose a shooting earplug that works appropriately alongside other equipment you are using.

You need to spend good money to get a good product. You should always treat your protective gear as an investment – guns, and a careless attitude is a recipe for disaster. Invest wisely in your hearing protection, and you will get to enjoy many good years of shooting and hunting.

At Pacific Ears, we are not just knowledgeable about ear protection; we are enthusiastic. 

We are here to help you get on with enjoying yourself without jeopardising your hearing – and we have a wide range of options available for hunting and shooting enthusiasts.

Get in touch today – let’s get you sorted with the right shooting earplugs.

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