December Newsletter: Crazy how time flies

Just as we are easing into our somewhat normal lives, Christmas is just around the corner and gift buying will drive everyone nuts! Sort your gift shopping right here. In December we are running multiple special deals and sales on our hearing protection products. Feel free to share this newsletter/blog with family and friends and you may receive a wonderful Christmas present yourself!

Huge Etymotic Earplugs and Earphones online sale!

In December we have a huge sale on most of our Etymotic products.

The ER4-XR Earphones, HF3 Earphones and MK5 Earphones

Ready Fit hearing protectors: ER20 Ready Fit, ER20XS motorsports, ER20XS Ready Fit

Electronic earplugs: Gun Sport Pro GSP15 and Music Pro MP9-15 are all heavily reduced in price.*

Check them out in our online shop. *Only while stocks last

Even more discounts on our Custom made In-ear monitors and ACS Pro Series

Custom made In-ear Monitors

An absolute quality In-ear monitor at an affordable price. Custom made with many different driver options to suit every musician.

For 10% discount for In Ear Monitors please use the code #backinmusiciems at the checkout in our online shop

ACS Pro series hearing protectors

ACS Pro series hearing protectors are our most popular product as they provide the best protection for your hearing. Many different filters available to suit your needs.

For 15% discount for Pro series custom hearing protection please use the code #backinmusicearplugs at the checkout in our online shop.

Infant and kids hearmuffs sale on now!

Keep your babies and kids hearing protected with these awesome Hearmuffs. Products available; Infant Hearmuffs, Infant Hearmuffs Soothe, Hearmuffs Sounds, Kids Hearmuffs and Kids Hearmuffs Trio all on sale now. Get them while stocks last! For more information and shop click here.*

*While stocks last

Gift Voucher purchases at Pacific Ears

Gift vouchers now available!
There isn’t a more thoughtful gift than a set of hearing protectors so your loved ones can protect their hearing because we all know that once you lose your hearing it will never come back! As we manufacture a custom made product it is difficult to give a custom made product to loved ones or friends without them knowing what they are going to be gifted. If you would like to purchase a gift voucher please have a look on our Gift Voucher page.

Treat someone to a Hearing Protection Gift card…

Pacific Ears are here to help

Need assistance? We are here for you
If you have any questions or if you would like more information about our product range please contact our friendly team on

You will receive a fast and detailed response.

Handy instructional videos, now on Youtube!

Coming soon… things to look out for

Instructional videos on the Pacific Ears website

It’s been a long time coming but they are almost here! Instructional videos on how to use our hearing protection products, how to take care of them and more.

Keep an eye out on our website, Youtube channel, Facebook page or Instagram account for the release of these videos!

Please place your orders before the 17th of December…

Our opening hours during the Christmas period

We know it is still early but we would like to inform you about our opening hours during the Holidays. We will be closed from Wednesday 23rd December until Tuesday 5th January 2021. Any questions or enquiries will still be answered through email during these times. Please make sure to place your order for Ready Fit products before 17th December if you wish to have your product delivered before 23rd December. Courier services may be very busy and an overnight delivery cannot be guaranteed. For custom made products please contact us for advised delivery times.

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