In Ear Monitors: What You Need To Know

If you’re a musician or someone who just enjoys listening to music on the go you might have heard of in-ear monitors (IEMs). If not, hang on tight! In this blog post, we discuss everything you need to know about In Ear Monitors-  so let’s dive right in!  

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What Are In-Ear Monitors, and Who Should Use Them?

In-ear monitors, also coined as IEMs, are personal audio devices designed for better sound and quality. They are typically used by musicians and performers who need to hear themselves clearly during live performances or studio recordings. They are also popular among people who love listening to music.

Are IEMs Better Than Headphones?

We’re often asked if IEM’s are better than traditional headphones in providing sound quality and noise isolation. The answer is a YES! Firstly, this is because most (custom-fitted) IEM’s use multiple balanced armature drivers in each ear to separate frequencies making for a crisp and clear sound. Secondly IEMs have a snuggly fit and seal inside your ear canal and, in particular the custom-fitted ones, are blocking out most external noise and preventing sound leakage. Allowing you to listen to your music at lower volumes without sacrificing sound quality or missing any details.

Can IEMs Be Harmful for Your Ears?

IEMs are generally safe to use, but as with anything improper usage can be harmful. It’s important to use IEM’s at a safe volume level and to give your ears a rest. It’s always a good idea to clean your IEMs regularly to prevent the buildup of earwax or bacteria that can cause ear infections. To keep the IEMs in optimal condition it is recommended to to use a dryer, sanitiser after each use. 

Are In Ear Monitors Worth the Extra Expense Relative to Ready-fit Options?

In general in-ear monitors are more on the pricey side than traditional headphones or earbuds, but they definitely are superior and provide better sound quality and noise isolation. There are two types of in-ear monitors: universal IEM’s and custom fitted IEM’s. Though the latter is more expensive, it sure has its benefits and can be made to fit your ear canal perfectly. This makes them a worthwhile investment for musicians, performers or concert goers. 

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