Westone Audio Mach70 In-Ear Monitor


Westone Audio Mach70 In-Ear Monitor

Westone Audio WA-M70 IEM – MACH 70 Universal IEM 3-way, 7-Driver IEMs. Experience music your way; the Westone Audio way and celebrate the artist in you!


Westone Audio MACH70 – Professional In-ear Musicians’ Monitors

The Westone Audio MACH Series™ combines 35+ years of engineering and performance excellence to deliver sound quality the way it was intended to be heard. Every aspect of the MACH Series™ was purposely designed for both superior comfort and sound on and off the stage. An ergonomic design allows all day use, comfortable with no ear fatigue.

Experience music your way; the Westone Audio way and celebrate the artist in you!

The MACH70 with 7 Balanced Armature Drivers

The MACH70 is an impressive In-Ear Monitor with a 3-way, seven-driver system with single low, dual mids, and quad highs

Mach70 notes

Quality Westone Audio accessories included in your purchase

  • LINUM® ULTRABaX™ Cable. The UltraBaX cable is a no compromise quad-twisted cable with a super low impedance of .6 Ohms. It has been designed to bring out the best in your music without coloring or altering the sound you hear in any way.
  • Crushproof case to store your MACH Earplugs. Protect your Westone MACH-70 from the elements in a crushproof, watertight and dustproof Case from Pelican™. Also includes five pairs each of Westone Audio’s proprietary foam and silicone tips to ensure the perfect seal with maximum comfort.

Review notes on the new MACH70

  • The MACH70 has a W-shaped balanced signature, emphasis on bass and a natural detailed tonality
  • Tuning has a deeper well-controlled bass, a tight mid-bass punch and clear detailed natural mids/vocals, along with clear non-fatigue treble
  • The resolution and retrieval of details is good
  • Soundstage is very wide and imaging is nearly 3D holographic
  • The MACH70 is a great fit for audiophiles who like more weight in low end without compromising details or resolution

pp1 mach70specs

MACH70 Tech Specs overview

  • 3-way Passive Crossover
  • Seven Balanced-armature Drivers
  • Freq. Response: 5hz – 22khz
  • Sensitivity: 110db @1khz
  • Impedance: 42 Ohms @1khz

pp2 mach70inbox


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Westone Audio Mach-70 In-Ear Monitor Earpieces
Westone Audio Mach70 In-Ear Monitor