Etymotic ER Musicians Earplugs – High-fidelity earplugs made for the music industry

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Etymotic Research ER-Musicians Earplugs(TM)

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High-Fidelity Hearing Protection

Musicians Earplugs™ are custom high-fidelity earplugs developed by ETYMOTIC over 25 years ago, following president Dr. Mead Killion’s participation in a noise study for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. They are high fidelity earplugs. Musicians Earplugs are a custom product, made individually for each user.

Musicians practice and perform in a variety of different settings. They are exposed to high levels of sound, sometimes for long periods and may require different amounts of protection depending on sound levels encountered during rehearsals and performance. Some musicians use one type of attenuator in one ear and one type in the other, depending on the source and location of the sound.


  • Reduces sound levels evenly so that music and speech are clear and natural, not muffled as with other earplugs or earbuds
  • Reduces risk of hearing damage for many noisy occupations and noisy venues, such as airshows, parades, athletic events and motor sports
  • Enhances the music experience for audiences while protecting hearing
  • Lets musicians hear their own instrument and their blend with others


  • 3 levels of sound reduction: 9 dB, 15 dB and 25 dB
  • Interchangeable buttons
  • Custom earmolds require ear impressions


  • Regular use of these high-fidelity earplugs while practicing, performing and listening to music will protect hearing from the cumulative effects of overexposure to loud sound throughout life.
  • A little time may be required to acclimate to these earplugs. Many musicians report that they hear their own instruments better, as well as the balance with those around them.

Which Musicians Earplug is Right for You?

ER•9*ER•15*ER•25*ETY•PlugsMusic•PROHarmful Sound Comes From:
Small stringsOwn instrument, other strings
Large stringsBrass
WoodwindsBrass, percussion
BrassOwn instrument, other brass
PercussionOwn instruments, other percussion
VocalistsOwn voice, speakers, monitors
Acoustic guitarDrums, speakers, monitors
Amplified instrumentsSpeakers, monitors
Marching bandsMultiple sources
Music teachersMultiple sources
Recording engineersSpeakers, monitors
Sound crewsSpeakers, monitors



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Custom made ER15 Musicians Earplugs
Etymotic ER Musicians Earplugs – High-fidelity earplugs made for the music industry
From: $329.00