Performance Foam Eartips

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Westone Audio® Foam Universal Ear-Tips – 5 Pair Pack (10 total)

Discover the Performance Foam Eartips, designed to enhance your in-ear earphones. Experience improved noise isolation, comfort, and sound quality. Upgrade your listening experience today!

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Westone Audio® Foam Universal Ear-Tips: Enhance Your In-Ear Earphones

Experience the benefits of Westone Audio’s Foam Universal Ear-Tips, designed to improve the performance of your in-ear earphones. These ear-tips offer superior noise isolation, comfort, and a perfect fit.

Westone Audio’s Foam Universal Ear-Tips are designed to enhance the performance of in-ear earphones by providing:

Comfort: The ear-tips are so comfortable that they can be worn for hours, making them perfect for extended listening sessions.
Superior Noise Isolation: Westone Audio’s ear-tips ensure maximum acoustic isolation, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in your music without distractions.
Perfect Fit: Available in 5 different sizes, these proprietary foam eartips are designed to find the perfect fit for your ear, enhancing the performance of your in-ear earphones.
Compatibility: Westone Audio ear-tips are compatible with a variety of popular in-ear monitors, allowing you to enjoy the best ear-tips on the market with your current IEMs.

Upgrade your in-ear earphones with Westone Audio’s Foam Universal Ear-Tips and experience a new level of comfort and performance.

Additional Information

TIGHT SEAL FOR NOISE-ISOLATION: The WA Ergonomic Ear Tip Technology foam ear tip is made from a dense foam with medium-recovery to provide the best noise-isolation and great comfort in a replaceable ear piece. Worn by the most demanding music industry experts, they are the most comfortable foam ear tip on the market today.

12.6MM DIAMETER X 11MM LENGTH: Designed for average size ear canals, these foam tips provide maximum acoustic isolation in comfortable, medium recovery foam ear-tips. As with all Westone Audio ear pieces, ensuring you select the proper size will give you the best experience, comfort and noise isolation.

5 PAIRS OF REPLACEABLE EAR-TIPS: With 5 pairs of our replaceable ear-tips, you’ll never have to worry when you lose them before a show or when your friends ask you for a pair.

60 YEARS OF DESIGNING CUSTOM EAR PIECES: Our WA Ergonomic Ear Tip Technology Foam Tips use all the innovations and expertise that Westone Audio has developed in almost 60 years of designing and manufacturing products for the human ear. These replaceable foam ear-tips enhance the performance in-ear earphones by ensuring superior noise isolation, and a superb fit.

COMPATIBLE WITH OTHER POPULAR IEM BRANDS: Westone Audio’s WA Ergonomic Ear Tip Technology foam replaceable in-ear monitor ear-tips are the best on the market today and are compatible with many other brands of IEM.

  • Performance Foam Eartips 10 pk-Black
  • Performance Foam Eartips 10 pk-Blue
  • Performance Foam Eartips 10 pk-Green
  • Performance Foam Eartips 10 pk-Orange
  • Performance Foam Eartips 10 pk-Red
  • Performance Foam Eartips-Combo 10 pk

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Eartip size

Universal Foam Eartips – 11mm (green), Universal Foam Eartips – 12.6mm (black), Universal Foam Eartips – 14.9mm (blue), Universal Foam Eartips – 15.4mm (red), Universal Foam Eartips – 15.5mm (orange), Universal Foam Eartips – Combo


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Performance Foam Eartips
From: $25.98